MEMBERS of a Redditch residents' group has vowed to fight proposals by a development company to construct 39 properties on the edge of their estate.

Representatives Windsor Heights Management Limited (WHM) will put forward their objections to build on land off Dixon Close, Enfield, at a Redditch Council planning meeting on April 9.

The group says the 2.22 acre site in question is bounded to the north-west by new housing at Dixon Close, to the north-east by a small wooded area, to the south-east by a railway line and to the south-west by part of the Enfield Industrial Estate.

WHM spokesman Dawn Treasure said: “We believe that the land – which was originally zoned for primarily employment purposes – is far from ideal as a residential site. Dixon Close is already congested with parked cars and building another 39 properties as an extension to Dixon Close would subject the infrastructure to considerably more pressure.

“Only recently an ambulance was unable to get through because of parked vehicles.  Goodness knows what would happen if – heaven forbid – there was a serious fire.

“If the application is allowed, there will be chaos for months while contractors vehicles access the site. Long-term, the situation will be intolerable."

Fellow representative Joshua Lorento said: "We are opposing the planning application for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that wildlife in the vicinity – including bats and badgers – could also be seriously effected. To allow a further extension to Dixon Close would have a detrimental effect on those already living there."

The council has to date received more than 50 letters from residents objecting to the proposals on traffic grounds and noise pollution, loss of open space, over-development of the site and general community safety concerns. They also cite an inadequate standard of amenity for future occupiers of the proposed new homes because of the proximity to existing employment uses at Enfield Industrial Estate.

Residents also say that if any new homes are built then traffic should have access via the industrial estate and not Dixon Close.

A council spokesman said the application for Dixon Close had been deferred for a site visit, which has not taken place yet, but is now back on the agenda on April 9. The spokesman also confirmed more than 50 letters of objection had been received.