A BOY who has never allowed a pair of scissors to go anywhere near his head has had his pony tail cut in the name of a Redditch charity.

George King, 10, had always refused to have his hair cut short, and always worn it in a pony tale for school rather than let the local barber take on his flowing long locks.

After his ‘Hair Raising Campaign’ he finally took a trip to the hairdresser and raised £700 towards the cost of Redditch charity Ingigo Arts' base at the Kingsley College site.

George's mum, Sue, is one of Indigo’s volunteers and is heavily involved in the fundraising initiatives the group are undertaking to raise money to cover the hire, now that Kingsley no longer has the funds to cover the cost of the space which Indigo use.

The organisation had moved in to the ex-youth centre on the Kingsley College site, having had to leave Kingsley Theatre when it closed down in 2012.

On hearing about Indigo’s plight, George who has sung and performed with the group since he was four-years-old, decided that he would sacrifice his hair, if people would be willing to sponsor him to have it cut.

Enthusiastically supported by his fellow performers and the Indigo team, arrangements were made with mum’s hairdresser Kay, at Upper Cutz in Droitwich to do the dastardly deed, all for free to support George’s campaign.

Indigo projects director Cathy Moss said ‘We were absolutely overwhelmed by the response to George’s campaign. So many people got behind him, and in true Indigo fashion we saw a 10-year-old boy turn something he had feared for years, in to a really positive experience.

"We just cannot thank enough all the many, many people who got behind him, and showed such community spirit in these hard times. George is absolutely delighted, and we think he is nearly as proud of his new haircut as we are of him.”