FOLLOWING a recent article in the Advertiser about the donation of a gypsy caravan to Worcestershire County Museum, the artist who helped restore it to its former glory has been telling us about his unique talents.

Peter Delaney, 51, left home when he was only 17 and has been living as a traveller ever since. Brought up in the Midlands he frequently stops off in Redditch, a place that is very close to his heart.

"As a traveller I've been asked by many people which is my favourite village in the country to stay. I always say Woodrow," he said.

The caravan donated to the county museum was a highly decorative ‘Burton’ wagon, with two sets of windows and much larger than most of it's kind. It was previously owned by well-known traveller Bill Birch before he passed away recently, and Peter painted all the scrolls and linings, something he has done for many years.

"Bill did a lot of the restoration work but he called me in when it needed painting because it's something that needs a real skill," explained Peter.

"I've lived a life of art and performance," he said. "As well as painting wagons I also draw pictures too." Despite the intricate detail and obvious talent required to do his work he told me he doesn't have much patience so often does his painting quickly. Something you wouldn't believe to look at his artwork and the many photos of the beautiful caravans he has painted over the years.

As well as his artistic pursuits, Peter trains horses to pull carts and several of them were grazing the grass on the corner of Throckmorton Road and Greenlands Drive, where he was set up earlier this week.

Peter is the singer and guitarist of folk band The Hedgerow Crawlers and has organised The Beltane Bash May Day celebration festival between May 2-4 this year at Preston Fields in Preston Baggot. He invited everyone to come along to see him play.