ALCESTER may be a place steeped in hundreds of years of fascinating history but that doesn't mean the town council isn't embracing the digital age of today, as anyone who has logged onto the mayor's Twitter page will know.

Alcester mayor Mark Cargill began tweeting last year but has only now started to use the social media tool to its full potential.

"I originally started on Twitter with great expectations but struggled to find the time to stick with it," he said. "Recently though I've been using it a lot more to communicate with people in the town."

Mayor Cargill has tweeted on a wide range of town issues from the Greig to Globe House, and is confident it will help get the council's message out there.

And it's not only Twitter, the mayor writes his own weekly blog which can be found on the town council's revamped website ( Along with Alcester Town Council's Facebook page, which promotes local news and events, it is clear that there is no way the town is going to be left behind.

"It's very difficult to be able to reach everybody and we felt we needed multiple methods to try and speak to as many people as possible," said Mayor Cargill.

"Our online presence is only part of the communications process. We still have surgeries and we make sure we get out and about, but the Internet is becoming more and more important. Just look how many MPs have a Twitter account and how they are using it to great effect. It is a way to instantly respond to people who may need our help."

The mayor has already had positive feedback on his online posts and knows just how important it is to keep it up.

Anyone who would like to follow him on Twitter can search for @MarkCargill on the social network website.