WARWICKSHIRE Police has issued a warning to members of the public following a telephone scam in which an elderly victim from the county was persuaded to give out personal information about her bank account.

The elderly female received a phone call from a person purporting to be a police officer from the Metropolitan Police earlier this month. He advised her that her bank cards had been compromised and she was also at risk of her house being broken into. The caller told her that her personal possessions could be taken into the safe custody of the police for safe keeping.

After she contacted a relative to tell them what had happened the scam was reported to Warwickshire Police.

Enquiries revealed that the whole situation, explained by the officer who claimed to be from the Metropolitan Police, was completely fictitious.

Warwickshire Police wants to make people aware of the scam and say that they should immediately contact Warwickshire Police on 999 if they receive a phone call from anyone asking for information about their personal bank account.

A spokesperson for Warwickshire Police said, "You should never reveal your personal bank details, or the PIN number for your bank cards to anyone. Your bank and the police will never contact you by phone to ask for this information.

"In addition a police officer calling at your door will carry a warrant card which shows their name, collar number and a photograph, as well as the force they work for. If you have any doubts you should dial 101 and ask for the name to be verified."