POLICE in Alcester have warned shoppers to be alert after a shopper was targeted in a distraction theft in the car park outside Waitrose.

The incident occurred on Wednesday, February 19 at approximately 6pm when the victim is believed to have been targeted while shopping in the supermarket.

The offender, who was described as a foreign male, presumably stood close enough to the victim to note their card pin number.

It is believed they then followed the victim outside where the victim was approached.

Some sort of foam had been sprayed under the victim’s car, and the offender approached them telling them something was wrong.

The victim opened the bonnet to check for a problem with the offender’s help, and at that point it is believed that an accomplice accessed the car, stealing bank cards.

A spokesman for Warwickshire Police said: “If someone does approach you while you are about to get into the car, or while you are in the vehicle, lock the doors and talk to the person through the window. If for example they say that something is wrong with your car, thank them politely and then wait till they have clearly left the area before you check, keeping your valuables with you. If you feel it necessary drive to another location and then check your vehicle.”

Anyone who feels they are in a suspicious situation should contact the police on the non-emergency number 101.