A CAT breeder and author from Wythall is launching a book all about Somali cats at an event in Ullenhall Village Hall next month.

Dianne Taylor runs the Brizlincoat Boarding Cattery in Birmingham, and has organised dozens of cat shows in the Redditch and Alcester area.

Although she started out breeding Burmese cats, she’s currently the secretary of the Somali Cat Club of Great Britain, which specialises in the breed, and she has written the book as a helpful guide for new owners of Somali cats, packing it with comprehensive information on how to ensure the cats lead long and healthy lives, with detailed information about the kind of nutrition they need, basic psychology, and ways to adapt their environment to best suit their needs.

The book is also peppered with anecdotes about individual cats that Ms Taylor has met and cared for over the years.

This is the second book, Ms Taylor has written, following ‘Life on the Funny Farm’ which was published under the name of Ann Cato, and chronicled her first 10 years living on a farm.

The book ‘The Somali Cat’ will be launched at the Somali Cat Club Show at Ullenhall Village Hall on Thursday, March 15. For more information visit somali-cats.co.uk/club/ or write to lee@mi-alma.co.uk. The book is available to purchase via Amazon and there will also be copies at the book launch.