A WARNING has been issued to council tenants in Redditch after contractors falsely claiming to have permission to carry out work were told to leave council properties.

The contractors had apparently cold-called tenants falsely claiming that they had council permission to fit cavity and roof insulation.

Planned works to council properties are only ever carried out with advance notice in writing and by regulated, authorised contractors. Cold callers are never approved by the council and all proposed works must have approval from the council.

Redditch Council is urgently writing to all its tenants to warn them of the practice.

The council's head of housing, Liz Tompkin, said: “Cold callers saying they have been approved by the council to do work on the property are simply not telling the truth. We will always write to tenants informing them of any proposed works. Furthermore only insulation companies approved by us are eligible to do work on our properties, with our permission.

“Please be aware of this because not only do you risk becoming a victim yourself but unregulated, unauthorised work, which could be of any standard risks causing serious problems to the roofs and structural walls of our properties.”

Tenants with any concerns over this are advised to call Redditch Council on 01527 534123.