NEXT month the Palace Theatre proudly hosts the tense mystery drama, The Man Who liked Order.

The story follows the life of John Bradshaw. Living as a virtual recluse in a sixth floor flat, his behaviour borders on the obsessive.

He wasn't always this way though - something in his past has changed him.

Sarah is a bright young soul. Representing the resident's association, her first meeting with Bradshaw is awkward, but slowly an understanding develops.

She seems to have an unusual interest in his past, and in the violent death of a young girl some years before.

Is she friend or foe?

What starts as a game of chess between two friends becomes an interrogation, but who exactly is the interrogator?

Are the things in Bradshaw’s mind real or are greater forces at work?

For Bradshaw the next move could be the only one that matters.

The show is on Saturday, March 1 at the Room Upstairs.

Tickets are available in person or at the box office on 01527 65203 priced £8.75 and (£7.75 discounted) inclusive of booking fee 75p per seat up to a maximum £3.

To purchase seats online, visit

Part of the proceeds will be donated to charity.