ASTON Cantlow is one of eight villages in the Stratford district to be targeted for future housing developments as part of the draft Core Strategy for the district.

Several villages have been highlighted by officials at Stratford District Council as Local Service Villages, because they have been deemed to be more sustainable, and these are likely to take on a greater share of the overall housing development in proportion with their scale and character.

The council has analysed different factors including the number of dwellings in each village, the provision for public transport, and whether villages have shops and schools, to determine which should be recategorised as Local Service Villages.

Aston Cantlow was named as one of the Local Service Villages, along with Ettington, Lighthorne, Lighthorne Health, Long Marston, Snitterfield, Stockton and Tanworth-in-Arden.

Under the new method of categorisation Kings Coughton and Temple Grafton would no longer be Local Service Villages.

Councillor Chris Saint, leader of Stratford District Council, said: “We are updating a principle first adopted in 2006 that will help us control development in our smaller communities. We plan to restrict any expansion of our settlements to a scale in keeping with their size and character using a process that can be applied fairly throughout the district. The revisions will be incorporated into the Proposed Submission Core Strategy, expected to be considered by the council in May.”

Under the draft Core Strategy, approximately 1,800 new dwellings would be likely to be granted planning permission in Local Service Villages over the next 20 years, meaning an average of 90 dwellings would be built each year across 44 villages in the district.

The recategorisation is an item on the agenda for the upcoming Enterprise, Planning and Housing Policy Advisory Panel, which is due to meet on Tuesday, February 11 at the Council House in Stratford.