REDDITCH Inner Wheel club members have celebrated the 90th anniversary of their national organisation by setting the wheels in motion for some fantastic projects.

They have donated funds to the Alex Hospital's League of Friends to help with the purchase of new coin operated wheelchairs for the use of porters and patients.

And the Where Next charity needed a new trolley for use at its Easemore Road nursery and for the delivery of plants to customers and functions. Members helped purchase the new sturdy, steerable trolley for them.

To celebrate 90 years of Inner Wheel in Great Britain & Ireland, all clubs were asked to raise funds for good causes, which had to have a wheel theme. Through the Advertiser, people applied for funding and the Alex and Where Next were the luck recipients.

The Redditch Club raised more than £600 through holding a sausage and mash evening with an auction, and a raffle at its Christmas meal.

Inner Wheel is one of the largest women's organisations in the world with over 100,000 members in 103 countries. It promotes friendship, fellowship and voluntary service. Annually it raise funds and donate items such as food, clothes and equipment to charitable groups locally, nationally and internationally.