FROM the beginning of February, vehicles will be unable to access the town’s abandoned market space which is currently being used as an unofficial car park.

The space, which is adjacent to Debenhams, is currently used by a handful of market traders, residents and shoppers as an unregulated car park which has lead to confusion and concerns over the safety of pedestrians.

Redditch Council isow in the process of improving the designated car parking area for the market traders, under car park two, after meetings with the traders suggested that inadequate facilities were the main reason for using the old market space.

Amanda De Warr, had of customer access and financial support for the council, said: “Work will be ongoing over the coming weeks to secure the area except for pedestrian access.

“Our main priority at this point is to ensure the safety and security of pedestrians using this area to get to the Kingfisher Centre. Once works have been completed and there is no longer vehicle access, it is hoped that the Town Centre Partnership will put forward a proposal for the short-term use of this site. However, its long-term future is yet to be decided.”

The old market site will be closed off to all vehicles from Monday, February 3.

For more information contact Paul McLaughlin on 01905 766169.