A MAN who shouted racial abuse at the manager of a Redditch chip shop has been given a suspended jail sentence.

33-year-old David Jackett, of Pitchcombe Close, Redditch, complained about the price of his chips in Batchley Fish Bar and knocked a charity tin and a tray of wooden forks onto the floor, Worcester Crown Court heard.

Manager Andrew Ellinas grabbed Jackett in a headlock and with the help of another customer wrestled him to the floor before manhandling him out of the shop, Ian Ball, prosecuting, told the court.

Jackett would not leave and tried to punch Mr Ellinas but fell over several times and was injured in the incident which happened at about 7pm on February 22, last year.

He called Mr Ellinas, who is of Greek extraction, a "Paki" and said he should go home.

He admitted the charge of racially aggravated assault and was also before the court for sentence after being found guilty by magistrates of racially motivated harassment following a trial for a separate incident; Mr Ball added.

He had seen a mother and her four-year-old mixed race daughter at a bus stop and made abusive racial comments to the little girl.

He continued the abuse on the bus journey and the woman reported him to police.

He was arrested after they recognised his description from a previous conviction for a racially motivated offence in 2011 involving an Iraqi neighbour.

For that offence, he had been given a community sentence which was still in force when he breached it with the chip shop charge.

Kevin Grego, defending, said Jackett had mental health issues which were made worse when he had been drinking.

He said Jackett has Asperger's and needed support from his parents, though he managed to live independently and held a part-time job.

He said Jackett's behaviour was "outrageous" when he had drunk too much and he became abusive towards people he perceived to be of a different race.

Judge Michael Cullum gave Jackett a total of 12 months in prison suspended for 18 months with a supervision requirement and an order to undertake a six month alcohol treatment programme.

He was also ordered to pay £500 costs.