LABOURS’S Parliamentary Candidate for Redditch Rebecca Blake recently lent her support to Labour's new campaign Cost of Cameron.

Ms Blake was joined by Redditch Council leader Bill Hartnett and Labour’s Shadow Minister for Women and Equalities Gloria de Piero in Church Green as one of a number of events happening throughout the UK.

Labour claim that the coalition government, led by David Cameron, has left people worse off each year because they say wages aren't keeping pace with prices, as bills rise but salaries stagnate.

Ms Blake said: "Mums are telling me that they are giving up work because child care costs are too high. Parents in Redditch want affordable, accessible, quality childcare. And, that’s what the next Labour Government will give them.

MP Gloria de Piero added: "David Cameron’s cost of living crisis is hitting people hard. I have been out and about in Redditch today speaking to local people about how they're feeling the squeeze.

“Time and time again parents said that they were struggling with the cost of childcare. With nursery costs up 30 per cent since 2010 it is no wonder that families are feeling the strain."