WORCESTERSHIRE County Council is giving its support to Safer Internet Day 2014, an international campaign to encourage young people to stay safe on-line.

The day, which is taking place on Tuesday, February 11 will see a countywide initiative aimed at parents, carers, educators and social care workers as well as children and young people.

John Dickinson, training officer for Worcestershire Safeguarding Children Board, said: "Worcestershire County Council is fully committed to supporting Safer Internet Day. We want our youngsters to be able to enjoy and benefit from the internet without exposing themselves or others to harm. We can support this in Worcestershire by encouraging young people and their carers to access information and support via the e-safety website swgfl.org.uk."

The day encourages children to be kind and respectful online when they’re talking to others, and to look for positive and safe opportunities to create, engage and share.

It also helps parents and carers to maintain an open and honest dialogue with their children so that they’re aware of any concerns or issues and report any inappropriate or illegal content they find.

Finally educators and social workers will be helped to equip children with digital literacy skills, so that they can effectively use the internet and create their own positive content, as well as giving them the confidence to seek help if they do encounter problems.

For more information on Safer Internet Day 2014 visit saferinternet.org or for information on safe internet usage for all ages including teachers and professionals, visit