REDDITCH Skatepark is getting ready for another action packed year and is looking to raise cash for a brand new ramp project.

The project is set to cost £18,000 and will replace ramps which have become old and are getting worn out.

Phase one has seen the reconstruction and upgrade of the spine ramp area, the largest ramp in the Skatepark, using mostly recycled materials.

Phase two will now see the spine ramp extended to make consistent flooring linking it to other varying ramps to cater for beginners as well as expert riders.

The end result will be dedicated to Matthew Locke, a trustee of Redditch Skatepark who designed and oversaw the delivery of the original ramps in that area of the Skatepark in 2003.

Mr Locke, who died tragically in 2010, is credited with helping to introduce beginners and experienced skateboarders to the skatepark.

Steve Rooke, from the skatepark, based in Icknield Street Drive in Matchborough West, said: "We are at the stage of seeking capital funding for the project and we are writing bids to grant giving bodies.

"We need to continually upgrade the skatepark as this is what the users want. We have carried out an online survey and listed to user feedback.

"This will be a great dedication to Matthew and we will keep his ideas alive to offer new challenges to beginners and all users.

The skatepark, opened in 2000, is the UK’s largest outdoor supervised charity skatepark catering for BMX, Scooters, in-line skating and skateboarding.

It boasts a series of beginner and competition standard ramp courses constructed of timber with high quality birch ply and Skatelite surfaces.

Each year the venue stages events attracting world class professionals as well as offering coaching, school visits, youth groups and even private hire parties.

Mr Rooke added: "We have a fantastic team of qualified and skilled volunteers who are users themselves who will be dedicating their spare time to the design and build.

"If there are any local businesses in Redditch that would like to help with funding and sponsorship we would like to hear from them as the skatepark helps keep young people off the street with a positive outlet."

Redditch Skatepark UK can be contacted on