TIME is running out for people to have their say on Hereford and Worcester Fire and Rescue Service’s public consultation.

The draft Community Risk Management Plan (CRMP) proposes significant changes to fire engines and fire stations in order to address about £2 million of an overall annual budget shortfall which rises to £7.2 million in the five years to 2016/17.

It sets out how the service proposes to make these savings from the frontline operational response.

In Redditch the cuts could mean removing an on-call engine to leave one whole time engine and one on-call engine saving £55,300.

It would cost six on-call Redditch firefighters their jobs.

The remaining savings will be made from back office and managerial changes.

This is in addition to the £2.5m (of the £7.2m) savings which have already been made from non-frontline services.

A 12-week consultation process will close on January 10 and is requesting views and comments from the public and the Service’s key stakeholders from across the region.

Responses from the official consultation questionnaire will be collated into a report which will go before the fire authority in February and help to inform the final decision.

All of the proposals can be read in full by visiting hwfire.org.uk/consultation where an online questionnaire can also be completed.