A MAN from Redditch has won his own body weight in beer after a winning a competition organised by the Alcester based Purity brewery.

33-year-old Mark Harrison from Lodge Park entered the prize draw, and found his name was selected, meaning that since he weighs 85kg, he’s been able to take home 16 crates of Purity’s Mad Goose, Pure UBU and Pure Gold ales.

He said: “This is a fantastic prize to win. I’ve been drinking Purity’s beers since the brewery opened in 2005 and I’m a big fan. You always enter competitions hoping to win but never actually expect to do so.”

Paul Halsey, Purity’s managing director, added: “Congratulations to Mark. No doubt he’ll need some help from his mates to drink all that beer.

“We wanted to organise a special competition to mark the launch of our new website, puritybrewing.com. We knew the chance to win your weight in beer would be popular, but we were genuinely overwhelmed to receive over 3,000 entries.”