INCREASING delays and cancellations on London Midland services are causing significant detriment to economic productivity, a new independent survey by passengers shows.

The survey of over 300 London Midland commuters, including many from Redditch, revealed that two out of five commuters had been spoken to by their boss about their timekeeping, as a result of London Midland delays.

Recent figures show 40 per cent of all services were delayed in December and January, the worst since records began four years ago.

Joanne Ashford, one of the passengers responsible for the survey, said: “Amidst difficult times for our economy, London Midland is putting people’s jobs and livelihoods at risk, and hindering national productivity.

“London Midland made repeated promises to improve its services by December 9, after the Prime Minister said the company was on “a warning list” because of its unacceptable service.

“However, our research showed that only six per cent of respondents had experienced no delays since December 9.

“As paying passengers, we want to see the performance statistics London Midland is submitting to the government as a result of being on the ‘warning list’, as well as a clear action plan on how they will improve the service. We have put up with a poor quality of service for long enough, and now London Midland must be held accountable.”

Karen Lumley, Redditch MP, and member of the Transport Select Committee (TSC), said: “The results of this survey show London Midland’s failures are putting jobs at risk and damaging the economic prospects of commuters.

“In places such as Redditch, people are dependent on these services. Commuters are being asked to pay more and more, yet the service provided has worsened.

“I will continue to press the Department of Transport to ensure people have the service they pay for and rightly deserve.”