LOCAL sight loss charity, Sight Concern Worcestershire, has launched its ‘Just One Hour’ appeal for volunteers to offer an hour a week to help local people suffering with sight loss.

The charity has a number of people in Redditch and Bromsgrove waiting for volunteers to help with everyday things.

Jim Smith, head of community and branch services, said: “The people we have on our waiting list need help with the simplest things; reading a newspaper, taking a walk or writing a letter, these are things fully sighted people take for granted but which can become impossible when your vision is impaired or lost completely.

“We are appealing for volunteers to offer one hour a week to help others in their area. Just one hour can actually change someone’s life. Many of those we help are lonely and our volunteers offer the lifeline of companionship and something to look forward to.”

Sight Concern Worcestershire is a local, independent charity, supporting blind and partially sighted people to lead independent and fulfilling lives. With the help of its volunteers the charity helps over 2,500 people each year across the county.

Mr Smith added: “We would not be able to do the life changing work we do without our committed volunteers, they are the backbone of our organisation and we need more people to come forward and help us to help some of the most needy members of our communities.”

The ‘Just One Hour’ appeal will be rolled out across the county with posters and leaflets being displayed in local shops, surgeries and other outlets.

For further information about volunteering, contact Mr Smith on 01905 723245 or email jim@sightconcern.co.uk.