A GROUP of Gypsy Roma Traveller children from Worcestershire have produced a new CD aimed at promoting a greater understanding of their community.

The CD has been put together with the assistance of The Gypsy Roma Traveller (GRT) Education Team, local journalist and Romany, Jake Bowers, and Romany storyteller, Richard O'Neill.

The aim of the CD is to help foster more understanding of the GRT community by reflecting on issues and from the past and present and examines changing attitudes over the past 40 years.

A copy of the CD will be sent to every school in Worcestershire.

The CD is being launched at a celebration event on Wednesday, January 9 at 4pm in the Council Chambers at County Hall, Worcester.

At the launch Gail Quinton, Director of Children's Services will be presenting the contributors with a copy of the the disc, plus Kay Poole, head of GRT Education Team is the key speaker.

Kay said: "The young people that worked with us on this project were amazing. They were able to discuss the changes that have taken place and also willing to discuss rationally some of their own experiences as young travellers growing up in Worcestershire. We are really looking forward to sharing our finished archive project."