TWO of the people who fell ill as norovirus swept through a cruise ship recently were the Redditch United Football Club chairman and vice chairman.

Husband and wife Chris and Sallie Swan were on P&O’s Oriana during a Baltic cruise two weeks ago when hundreds of passengers became ill.

Mr Swan said although he was very poorly for a couple of days, as was his wife, he was not as badly effected as many people who, he said, were “absolutely awful”.

And what really upset Mr Swan, as well as how ill he felt, was the way he and fellow passengers were treated.

“P&O said nothing at the time to us and have said nothing since. We never saw the captain or officers, it was left to other members of staff to try and deal with it as best they could.

“The attitude of P&P seemed to be “these things happen” as people were going through absolute misery.”

Mr Swan said although it may not have put him off going on cruises forever, he would be very reluctant to board a P&O ship again.

The ship was deep cleaned after the outbreak, as was a second P&O ship, the Azura, where there was another, but far less wide-reaching outbreak of norovirus.

P&O has since apologised for so many people having their holidays ruined.