ABOUT 30 homes in Worcestershire are thought to have been flooded and roads closed in Wythall and Bromsgrove after flooding.

And experts have warned there could be more flooding on the way as the county is set to be struck by more rain today and at the weekend.

Dave Throup, of the Environment Agency, urged residents to remain vigilant.

“Over the next few days, it’s very unsettled weather again," he said.

“The problem is rain will affect surface water run-off right away and then that finds its way into the big rivers.

“Towards the weekend, there’s a risk of very heavy rain over Wales particularly, and 0.5 to 1in over Worcestershire this weekend.

“The biggest risk is property close to the big rivers.

Properties have flooded in the Worcester, Severn Stoke and Upton areas.

Mr Throup added: “We’re still gathering information and we think about 30 properties have been affected, but we don’t really know yet as we can’t get to these places.

“We want people travelling in particular to take real care.

“As soon as you get rain there’s going to be deep water on the roads.

“We’re still seeing people entering water in cars and that’s really not good.

“There are a lot of roads that are cut off and they’re going to stay that way. People living near the bigger rivers need to stay alert and watch flood warnings on the Environment Agency website or listen to their local radio station.”