WORCESTERSHIRE County Council is again offering residents the chance to increase the county’s orchard heritage by buying local organic fruit trees.

A selection of organic fruit trees including five varieties of apples, two of pears and two of plums are priced from £14.50 and are available until March 15 for planting in the winter season. Residents are advised to order early to avoid disappointment.

The trees are grown in partnership with Walcott Organic Nursery in Drakes Broughton. The county council’s countryside service has long made local varieties of fruit trees available. Worcestershire’s once famous orchards have dramatically reduced in number and as a result some local fruit varieties have become rare.

By operating the scheme, the countryside service is able to protect existing stocks, as well as providing residents with a unique gift opportunity.

To order, see worcestershire.gov.uk/fruittrees.

For advice on planting visit the countryside service website www.worcestershire.gov.uk/countryside or email communitygreenspace@worcestershire.gov.uk