FIFTEEN Redditch runners have gone from a standing start to being able to run five kilometres after successfully completing a nine week course.

The graduates of ‘Couch to 5K’, a fitness programme from the NHS which has been run locally by Redditch Council with sponsorship from Sainsbury’s, were all referred to join the 90 or so people at weekly ‘parkruns’ in Redditch if they wish.

Through the programme, which is structured with downloadable podcasts, the participants built up to longer running distances over time, reaching a goal of five kilometres in a session.

Sainsbury’s sponsorship covered the cost of employing the Couch to 5K running instructor

Parkruns are structured, timed runs in Arrow Valley on Saturdays, from 11am, from outside Arrow Valley Countryside Centre. People of all abilities are welcome.

Anyone interested should contact Hayley Gwilliam in the council’s leisure team on 01527 881404 or email