THE PTFA of St Augustine’s School is holding a fundraising event to support the ‘Raising Literacy through the Roof’ campaign.

Members would like to purchase some Kindles to donate to the school so have come up with a number of ways in which people can help.

People can make a cash donation, they can donate unwanted items of gold, silver or plantinum jewellery ot old tropies which the PTFA can then recycke with a local jeweller, or they can recycle their old mobile phones through the St Augustine’s phone recycling campaign.

A spokesman said: “How many of you have lost an earring and still have the other one in the jewellery box some years later? Who has broken chains that would cost more to repair than they are actually worth? How many old phones are sitting in a drawer, or old trophies are gathering dust on a shelf?

“If you have you might be able to help. Please support our worthy campaign.”
Donations should be sent in an envelope to Mrs C Crabb, PTFA Fundraising, St Augustine’s School, Stonepits Lane, Hunt End, Redditch B97 5LX.